Rabbit and Bear Paws: Thank you – South level 5

Little Spirit Bear Productions


Rabbit and Bear Paws: Thank you, is a first readers series of seven leveled picture books for the senior kindergarten to grade 1 readers.

Rabbit and Bear Paws: Thank you, is about how the characters, Rabbit, Bear Paws and Strawberry recognize and offer gratitude to each of the Seven Directions. The Seven Directions of East, South, West, North, Down (Mother Earth), Up (Father Sky) and finally the seventh direction of looking inside ourselves and recognizing our own spirit.

Based on the Developmental Reading Assessment levels, the leveling system used for this series includes the most current high frequency words for each of the leveled readers. Every story is 8 pages long, full of colourful stories that is sure to spark the imagination of the young, and the young at heart.

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