About us

Rabbit and Bear Paws, is a fresh and funny series of books and graphic novels for the young and the young at heart. The stories are based on the Seven Grandfathers of Respect, Bravery, Love, Honesty, Humility, Wisdom and Truth and is rapidly gaining enthusiastic fans for their vibrant and entertaining images of customary traditions and oral history.

The characters are mischievous and the audience learns enjoyable life lessons from their numerous pranks and mistakes while also appreciating the unity of the Native communities and how they related to one another peacefully. Instantly recognizable and fun character art draws the reader and/or viewer smoothly into the colourful stories.

Rabbit and Bear Paws are heroes that we created to share humorous adventures based on Traditional Teachings. This allows us to carry on the teachings to the youth who wish to explore their roots, while helping to share the wisdom of the Aboriginal community with the universal audience (non-aboriginal). The characters will travel to different parts of the country, from coast to coast in new humorous adventures. In those adventures we will learn about the different cultures and the gifts that they contributed to modern society.

All the characters are based on Traditional Teachings. Rabbit is based on the ideas from THE SEVEN FIRES PROPHECIES. He is to be the little boy who helps to guide us to the path the ancestors have made for us. While Bear Paws is based on stories that describe Naniboozhoo and the many adventures that were created around this person.

We use The Seven Grandfathers to help create all age stories that reflect a positive message that is needed for all the people of the medicine wheel. The main characters were brothers, so the adventures would be around social experiences and everyday life events that would happen in the 18th century that are as important today as they were yesterday.

Rabbit and Bear Paws are rapidly gaining enthusiastic fans for their vibrant and entertaining images of Native Traditions and Oral History and have received an endorsement from the Patrick Madahbee, Grand Council Chief of the 39 communities of the Anishinabek Nation verifying that Rabbit and Bear Paws is “an informative and entertaining way for North Americans of all ages to learn more about First Nations history, cultures and traditions.”

 Rabbit and Bear Paws stories written by Christopher Meyer, Tanya Leary and Chad Solomon.