Rabbit and Bear Paws: Sacred Seven - Wisdom

Little Spirit Bear Productions


Rabbit and Bear Paws: Sacred Seven is a new comical picture books series based on the beloved characters from the Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws. In this new series, Rabbit and Bear Paws “try” to understand the seven grandfather teachings from our Elder brothers and sisters: the animals of the Eagle, Bear, Buffalo, Beaver, Mouse, Kitch-sabe (Big Foot) and Turtle.

We invite you to follow along as Rabbit and Bear Paws observe and mimic the actions of the animals, and watch as they get into and out of all sorts of funny situations.

Watch Rabbit and his friends learn about the Grandfather Teaching of Wisdom, and making good choices. When they meet a family of beavers, they are faced with some quick decisions… but do our beloved characters make the WISE decisions?

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